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After four years of Governor Whitmer's leadership, it's no longer

“Fix the damn roads", it's "Fix the damn State."

We have seen the unemployment agency defrauded of millions of dollars with fraudulent claims. Many small businesses were put out of business as a result of Governor Whitmer’s unconstitutional executive orders. Governor Whitmer and her family lived carefree lives in violation of her own executive orders, while the citizens of Michigan were prosecuted for defying her orders. Our Attorney General, Dana Nessel has stated that if the US Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade she will lawlessly ignore Michigan’s abortion laws by not enforcing them. Our Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson broke the law by sending out unsolicited absentee ballot requests using out of date voter registration files. This fraud and lawlessness needs to stop. It’s time for Lansing to work for the citizens of Michigan. It’s Time for Taros.