Creating a safe learning environment in schools is one of the most important factors in determining a state’s quality of life. Competition between private and public schools would improve all student’s education. I would support amending Article VIII, Section 2 of the state’s constitution to allow for tuition vouchers and tax credits. In addition, we should increase the number of charter schools allowed and expand the schools-of-choice program to include all public schools. With schools competing for students, they would become more vested in providing their students with the best education.


Michigan needs to create more better paying jobs by fostering a business-friendly environment. This would include cutting (income and/or property) taxes. Also, eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations would go a long way to encourage businesses to locate and expand in Michigan. In addition, we need to stop trying to pick winners and losers through corporate welfare programs like the MEDC. When we give a tax break to one business, not only are we betting on the success of that project, but we have a hidden lost opportunity cost associated with what others would have done if their taxes had not been used for that project.


Nothing is more sacred and critical than fair, secure and accurate elections to our state and country. The McBroom report cited that the Secretary of State used old voter files to send out requests for absentee ballots. These files had been purged of dead voters and voters who moved out of state, and yet the Secretary of State failed to use the purged voter file. Unsecured absentee ballot drop boxes were installed. For far too long recounts have revealed significant discrepancies between the number of ballots and the number of votes registered. All these issues need to be addressed and corrected.


Currently Michigan residents pay the highest rates in the region for some of the least reliable electricity. If Michigan is to be a manufacturing powerhouse once again, we need cheap clean reliable power. DTE and Consumers Energy have been granted a monopoly over 90% of the electricity market in the lower peninsula. We need to eliminate their stranglehold on our electricity by increasing energy choice from the current 10% cap. All forms of power should be encouraged, including clean coal, natural gas, wind, solar and even nuclear. If market forces are allowed to work, we will achieve the cleanest energy at the lowest cost.


Elites like order and compliance, which leads to tyranny and misery. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” Freedom is the great equalizer. Freedom to make our own choices, to succeed or to fail. Social justice seeks to redistribute wealth and opportunity how a select few see fit. These few seek to garner wealth and power, more than they desire to help the masses. Our state has safety nets to care for the least amongst us. We are all called upon to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


We are all saddened and outraged when we hear of another school shooting. Unfortunately, schools have been gun-free zones since 1990 and the school shootings have not stopped. Most of these shooters are discovered to have mental illness or have been bullied at school. Let’s refocus our efforts to identify those who suffer from mental illness and give them the care they need. We also must do a better job to stop the bullying that is occurring in our schools.